Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Mouse


Common folk who use computers on a daily basis most likely do not know what differentiates a gaming mouse from a standard PC mouse. If you are a professional, hard-core gamer, it is highly likely that your know the difference and just how important it is to have full control over your gaming experience and the environment. Every millisecond and every decision you make in a game depend on the speed of your gaming keyboard, as well as the precision of your mouse. A modern gaming mouse should have a good number of additional, advanced features, in comparison to a standard mouse. However, some of these are more important, and some are less.

To help your differentiate these features and show you how to choose a gaming mouse, we have prepared this article with a few small but useful tips.

Gaming mouse buying tips

The sensor speed

4t5y6u78tjyrFirst of all, let’s start with the speed of the sensor. A sensor is the critical element of every gaming mouse, which contributes greatly to its overall precision. When looking for a good gaming mouse, make sure to pay attention to the models that have sensors with at a rating of at least 1800 DPI. For a smoother experience, it would be preferable to go for the sensors with 3600 DPI.

Luckily, a good number of modern gaming mice allow their users to modify the DPI values on the fly, thus making it very easy to switch between a full gaming experience to the standard Windows mode.

The report rate

Next up, if you like playing games where even the tiniest mouse move needs to be felt, make sure to pay attention to the report rate of mice you are interested in. This rate is a number of times the mouse sends the input data to the PC. Not too long ago, gaming mice were limited to a value of around 1000, but nowadays, that number of bigger. However, at 1000, you will still be perfectly capable of feeling even the slightest mouse motions.

Keep in mind, though, that this feature will also depend on the type of screen you have and its refresh rate. If your screen does not support full HD or Ultra HD resolutions and has a refresh rate of no more than 60 Hz, you will have no use for an ultra-sensitive mouse.

The shape

Consider the shape of the mouse. Its ergonomics and shape can be very important if you like to engage in long gaming sessions. A good gaming mouse needs to be solid and very easy to move, as well as perfectly fit your hand.

The grip style

e5gtryhtujhnbtgAlso, consider the grip style. 3 of them are the most popular ones. There is the Palm grip, which is the most common one and allows long sessions without any strain, The next one is the Fingertip grip, which is considered favorite among many gamers, due to its precision and speed, even though it can cause some strain. Last, but not least, there is the Claw grip style. This one also allows a much quicker response, but it puts a lot more strain on the hand, as well.

All in all, a great gaming mouse is the one which offers you maximum speed and precision, while perfectly fitting your hand and putting the least amount of strain on it. So, to improve your gaming experience and avoid hand fatigue, make sure to approach the mouse-choosing process with diligence and patience.