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Things To Do Before Your First Concert As A Musician


What are the things to do before your first concert as a musician? Remember that this is your first performance before a large crowd. It has to be fantastic. The people are expecting that you will come full of energy and that your performance will just be awesome. Do not embarrass your audience and also do not embarrass yourself too. Do everything to make the performance a rock. Let everyone talk about it after the day is over just like how classic petra tour created a long lasting impression on its attendants. Make it history on your audience’s minds.

As you will be performing it is good to ensure that you focus on your song. That will be the best way of making your performance great. People must talk you will hear them while you are on stage. They will talk about your dressing, your looks, and may be how great or bad your song is, if you dare listen to them, you will spoil everything, and this might make you regret for the rest of your life. Below are some of the things to do before your first concert as a musician.

Be prepared

WQERTYHHTRERWEQYou must always be prepared for anything as a musician but am saying you must be prepared for the concert. People are looking on to you and unto your performance so ensure that you are well prepared. Be prepared both physically and psychologically to avoid messing up. It is your first performance with a large audience ensure that you consult musicians how they did it for their first time. If you are in a band, do not be prepared alone because you might end up making surprises on stage that the rest of the group had not prepared for.

Practice well enough

You know that you cannot perform well without doing enough rehearsal. You need to practice very well. This will make you sure of what you will perform before the crowd. The areas that you feel are not okay; you have enough room for adjustments and corrections. Make your performance perfect such that even when you mess, the audience does not notice. When you have practiced enough, no one can distract you because the lines are in your head and they will just be flowing from your mouth.

Solicit feedback

The best thing for you to do is collect all your friends and family members and perform in their presence before you perform to the audience. Performing before your friends will give you the chance to work on your stage confidence. It will enable you to get used to the giggling. Also, you will have the opportunity to know where to work on because they will say something after your performance.tyhfgfew

Know who else will be performing

Since it is your first stage performance, you will have some more musicians performing. Ensure that you know who they are? Visit their websites and know what music they do. It is courteous to know what musicians do, and you can learn something from them that will boost your performance during the day of the concert.